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ISBN 978-0-9736142-2-0

284 pages, 5.5” x 8.5” soft cover (perfect binding)

Includes Table of Contents, Index, Endnotes/references

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“The reasons for exclusively pumping are as varied as the women who exclusively pump. One thing all women have in common, though, is their desire to provide breast milk for their babies.”

There are alternatives to formula feeding! Whether pumping for a preemie, experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, or choosing not to breastfeed, formula is not your only option. When direct breastfeeding is not possible, or breastfeeding is not desired, long-term exclusive pumping is a viable choice. Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk gives you the knowledge, advice, and support necessary to initiate and maintain your milk supply with a breast pump.


This second edition of the first—and most comprehensive—book about exclusively pumping offers well-researched information, and plenty of tips and tricks, to help you on your journey. Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk:


  • discusses the emotions you may feel as a result of exclusively pumping

  • covers the basics of lactation and breast milk composition

  • guides you to establish and maintain your milk supply

  • helps you increase—or decrease—your supply

  • overcomes common challenges

  • provides an overview of pumps and accessories

  • presents information on collecting, storing, and using expressed breast milk

  • offers specific advice to moms of preemies and other NICU babies

  • guides you through the weaning process

  • gives you confidence to meet your personal goals.


Long-term exclusive pumping is possible. You will not be alone on your journey. Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk will be with you, as will many other women around the world who are also providing “expressed love” for their babies.