An alternative to formula exists! When breastfeeding doesn’t work out, situations such as a premature or an ill baby delay breastfeeding, or you simply choose not to breastfeed, exclusively pumping breast milk—using a breast pump to initiate and maintain lactation—is a viable option and can be done on a long-term basis. Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk offers moms the knowledge, advice, and support necessary to initiate and maintain their milk supply with a breast pump.


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What happens when breastfeeding doesn't work out as expected? Many parents choose to feed formula, but formula is not your only option. When direct breastfeeding is not possible, or breastfeeding is not desired, but you want to feed breast milk, long-term exclusive pumping is a viable choice.

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You are not alone! Many exclusively pumping moms feel isolated and may even believe that they are the only one feeding their baby in this way, but you're joined by many women worldwide. Have a look at a collection of information and articles intended to help you meet your goals exclusively pumping.

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Talking about myself has never been something I'm comfortable doing. Although it was my own experience exclusively pumping for my son that lead me to write my books and jump head first into the world of lactation and breastfeeding support, it continues to be you...