Announcing the birth of Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk, Second Edition!

Announcing the birth of Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk, Second Edition! Born December 2, 2013. 5.5” wide and 8.5” long, and weighing 332.9 g and 284 pages. Now available from a number of different online retailers in both print and ebook format, its availability will continue to expand to other online retailers as well as some specialty retailers in the very near future.

They say that writing and publishing a book is like birthing a baby. And while with our own children we have to wait a number of years to see them grow, develop, and eventually blossom into capable young people who venture out into the world and make a difference, as an author I am able to release my written “child” into the world immediately upon its birth. The planning and writing of a book takes a long time, and is often preceded by thinking and dreaming about the possibility and then planning and looking towards its eventual arrival into this world, just as we plan and dream about having children and then wait expectantly—and sometimes impatiently—through those nine months of pregnancy as we anticipate the arrival of our little ones. The excitement of childbirth and the work it takes to birth our children eventually culminate in the excitement of finally meeting that little baby and sharing her with the world. And the excitement of releasing a book is very similar.

I’ve been working on this book for years, beginning with the first edition which I started in 2003, and the revised edition which I started working on early in 2012. And now it’s finally here! I’m so excited to share it with you! It is my greatest hope that my “baby” will bring support, information, and advocacy for all exclusively pumping moms, and that it will help to spread the word that exclusively pumping is possible.

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