Thanks in Your Touch

This selfless duty I proudly took on, shamelessly waking at the first peek of dawn.

I ignored all the negativity, and kept going strong, they laughed and scoffed and said I was wrong.

For wasting my time and for giving too much, But they can’t feel the thanks in your touch.

When you hold my finger, or give a bright grin, I know I can do this, this battle I’ll win.

Sometimes I second guess, and hope starts to fade, but I still just tell myself, “That’s why they’re made.”

To nourish my child, even though it’s been rough,

Nature not going as planned, that wasn’t enough.

This happened for a reason, although I ask why, to love myself more, my limit’s the sky.

I’m misunderstood and a little confused, on why they all laugh and why they abuse.

This is my job, I know it is real, shake your head if you like. It is how I feel.

I’m dedicated and strong, it may not seem so.

It’s trying and painful, as most do not know.

Even though there were times I sat back and cried, for just watching you play as I pumped and I tried,

To give you the attention I know you did need.

You listened so well and followed my lead.

Although this time will pass by us so fast.

The love I’ve put forth, forever will last.

As it nears the end of my journey, I’m sad.

For all the life lessons within that it had.

You do not understand yet, but someday you may,

If you ask me about it, here’s what I’ll say

“I never gave in, It wasn’t too much, to feel all your love and the thanks in your touch.”

- Lauren, EPing for 12 months

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