A Love Expressed by the Bottle

A Love Expressed by the Bottle

I dreamed of you

I fight for you—for us

Our challenges are real but

our love is stronger

My expectations demolished,

a sandcastle washed away

But I hold onto the hope that

our love is stronger, our bond

greater than the struggle, and through it all

I express my love for you

As I look upon you sleeping in the night, I am




My love pours, and along with it

dreams, protection, intentions, prayers

For the person you will become and the

mother I desire to be

And through it all, I express my love

Stronger with each drop, I build myself anew

now better,

now powerful

Pushed beyond what I thought I could accomplish

before becoming a mother

My strength is for you, from you—but

Power, now recognized, was there all along

I fight for you, for us

My life once lived selfishly becomes shared

and I share my love

express my love

Pouring out loss, giving away sadness

Gaining renewed purpose—as you also gain

What once was lost, now seems distant

as I nurse you with love

a bottle between, but connecting

A bridge that closes the distance

two parts connected

two parts expressing love, and

flowing both directions

I give—you take

You give—I take

A love expressed by the bottle made

all the stronger in its return

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